Worm Gear

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Probably the second most frequently performed repair procedure is replacement of the worm gear. The worm gear is fabricated of bronze or some other less noble metal than the worm shaft and is thus purposely more vulnerable to wear or damage than is the shaft. Although this is not neccessarily a weakness, the worm gear can be damaged by lack of proper lubrication or from chronic excessive overload, but if it is damaged, it can be replaced as shown in Figure 1

1 (2)

Because the worm gear replacement procedure illustrated in Figure 1 is also being used to illustrate bearing replacement, a second bearing pusher can be fabricated to install the dead-end bearing (Figure 2). The second bearing pusher should be made to a size of 2 inches in diameter with a 1-inch-diameter hole. Because the bearing has to be pulled in from the live end of the shaft, this necessitates replacing the original gear puller jaws with longer jaws. Had this bearing not been removed for the bearing replacement procedure, the longer jaws shown in Figures 6.7 and 6.8 would not be needed.

With the new worm gear on the ouput shaft, the shaft may be returned to the case, the gear meshed with the worm shaft, and the case reassembled. When assembling the motor adapter plate and the gearbox base assembly, a light film of silicone caulk needs to be applied on the mating face as well as a small dab of caulk on each bolt before threading them in. This will ensure against leaks when the case is filled with oil.

Worm Gear Reducers
NMRV030 (4)
Worm gear reducers are also a well-liked kind of speed reducer since they provide the greatest speed reduction within the smallest package. Having a higher ratio of speed reduction and higher torque output multiplier, it is unsurprising that numerous energy transmission systems make use of a worm gear reducer. A few of probably the most typical applications for worm gears may be discovered in tuning instruments, healthcare testing gear, elevators, safety gates, and conveyor belts.

Torque Transmission provides two sizes of worm gear reducer, the SW-1 and also the SW-5 and each are accessible inside a selection of ratios. The SW-1 ratios consist of three.five:1 to 60:1 and also the SW-5 ratios consist of five:1 to one hundred:1. Each of those choices are manufactured with rugged compression-molded glass-fill polyester housings to get a tough, lengthy lasting, light weight speed reducer that’s also compact, non-corrosive, and non-metallic.

Our worm gear reducers provide an choice of a strong or hollow output shaft and function an adjustable mounting position. Each the SW-1 and also the SW-5, nevertheless, can withstand shock loading much better than other reduction gearbox styles, creating them perfect for demanding applications.




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