Application:ASDA-A2 Servo Series for CNC Engraving Machinery

ASDA-A2 Servo Series offers a CNC total solution that includes CNC controllers and servo systems to provide the ultimate in performance for CNC engraving machinery applications.

[Industry Overview]

Today’s consumers are constantly seeking smart phones and notebooks that are ever more compact, stylish, light and thin. In the past, the casings for smart phones and notebooks were made by metal stamping and molding machines.
However, traditional metal stamping and molding technology cannot meet the demanding fabrication requirements for lighter and thinner casings. To satisfy customers’ needs, modern CNC engraving machines have replaced metal stamping and molding machines and become the preferred choice for light and thin casing fabrication.
The manufacturing process of CNC casing fabrication starts with an extruded block of aluminum that is carved out using CNC engraving machines. Each solid piece of aluminum is precisely machined into a high quality and high precision casing design. After multiple CNC engraving operations, a complete casing takes shape. No matter what the shape, intensity, thickness, design changes and surface treatment, this kind of CNC casing fabrication process can be selected for its favorable strength to weight ratio and the flexibility it offers in processing and finishing. Once the processes are all done, the edges of the casing are rounded and polished.
Casing sizes of smart phones and notebooks are becoming lighter and thinner. The most important and critical issue for CNC casing fabrication is to increase the processing speed of the CNC engraving machine. The CNC engraving machine is crucial for the whole system and will affect productivity.

[Finished Workpieces]

[System Structure of Delta CNC Solution]

[Distributed Motion Control System]

Through DMCNET communication, commands delivered by a Delta CNC controller to servo motors refresh at a 1 kHz rate. However, if Delta servo drives such as the ASDA-A2 series or ASDA-M series are connected in the system, a more precise position control can be achieved and the refresh rate can be enhanced up to 8 kHz by the Fine Interpolation Commands, which are able to smooth the internal drive commands and control the operation of servo
motors more precisely and with greater stability. The processing surface can be finely finished to meet the most demanding customers’ requirements.

[Jerk Control – Ensure Long Precision Life]
When acceleration changes significantly, such as where the cutting path changes from straight line to curve, machine vibration or shock may occur. The Jerk Control function is used to control speed and change acceleration to suppress vibration and shock and maintain stability and precision for long term operation.

The Delta CNC Solution adopts an embedded system with multiple CPUs which performs multitasking and improves the operating performance of controllers. Combined with Delta’s high speed motion control system, DMCNET, Delta’s CNC controller successfully integrates Delta’s key industrial automation products, which include servo drives and motors,
spindle motors, and self-developed operating software platform to deliver a high speed, high precision system for exceptional overall performance.
The Delta CNC Solution features high speed, high precision and superior surface finishing to enhance the speed, quality, and stability of CNC machine tools. It also provides multi-block look-ahead for acceleration/deceleration before interpolation for complete contouring control. The CNC Solution achieves a balance between speed and precision to
improve processing efficiency and ensure machining productivity. It is particularly suitable for high-speed tapping, engraving and milling processes, mold machine manufacturing, component processing and manufacturing, and many other industrial processes.

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