Industrial Automation Products for CNC Glass Engraving Machines

Our industrial automation products for CNC glass engraving machines include CNC controllers and servo systems that combine with Delta’s high speed motion control system DMCNET to provide greater productivity and efficiency for enterprises.

[Glass Engraving Machine Introduction]
Last year, the trend for 2.5D glass screens started in the smartphone industry due to the release of iPhone 6. This type of glass, which has smooth and seamless edges, improves the aesthetics of smartphones and allows a user-friendly design. The curved and shatterproof 2.5D glass screen also protects handsets from being directly damaged.
Unlike flexible displays placed in curved screens, 2.5D glass screens adopt a contoured edge screen design. To create slight curvatures, the 2.5D glass requires an additional processing layer for deburring the edges. This not only increases production time but also the product defect rate. As a result, glass engraving machines produce 2.5D glass that is 3 to 4 times more expensive than ordinary glass panes.

[Features of Delta’s CNC Glass Engraving Machines]

. Dual Z-axis synchronous processing of multiple glass panes
. Z2-axis: single-axis motion
. Automatic Tool Length Measurement
. Tool Life Management
. Apply CAD Annotation for Tool Explanation
. Processing Across Multiple Machines
. Automatic Probing

[System Structure of CNC Glass Engraving Machine Adopting our CNC Solution]

Our CNC Solution is an integrated and flexible system which provides a competitive advantage via key  products such as CNC controllers, servo drives and motors, spindle systems and the DMCNET high speed motion control system. This high speed, high precision system features not only  CNC controllers with embedded hardware design and multiple CPUs for optimum control, but also uses  DMCNET as the best integrated platform for our servo drives and high resolution servo motors.
Our reliable CNC Solution offers stable processing functions by taking speed, precision and key technical indicators of the glass engraving machines into consideration. Delta’s CNC Solution for glass engraving machines adopts a dual Z axis structure to increase productivity, while other convenient functions include user-friendly setups such as one button for fixed or reference point, simple programming, a lubrication system and warm up program in just 30 minutes.
Our professional CNC solution offers competitiveness and can enhance a company’s customization ability to achieve success in the challenging global machine tools market.

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