Industrial Automation Products for Dispensing Machines

[Application Introduction]
Dispensing machines are used in the manufacturing process of relays, including relays for automobiles, home appliances, industry and other applications. For this type of dispensing machine we proposed a decentralized architecture using an HMC and ASDA drive. The HMC is responsible for the integration between logic control and human-machine interface, while the ASDA drive is responsible for the computing of motion control. Through the high-speed communication DMCNET, the HMC and the servo drive are perfectly integrated. Under the decentralized computing concept, the solution precisely achieves multi-axis motion control and significantly reduces the total installation cost of the equipment. The dispensing machine achieves repeat accuracy to 2mm and completes 30 to 60 pcs dispensing spots per minute, depending on the size of dispensing area on the relay.

[Products in a Dispensing Machine System Structure]
The 8-inch Controller with HMI, HMC08, allows parameter setting and simple operation, and it also controls 3 sets of 3-Axis Synchronous Servo System ASDA-M drives via DMCNET. Each set individually controls the X, Y, Z axis for interpolation dispensing, achieving high-speed, high-precision motion control. The related sensors give feedback by high-speed RS422 remote I/O connection with the HMC for proper operation of the dispensing machine.

[Application Solutions]
According to different requirements, three sets of ASDA-M3 independently control three-axis linear interpolation.
The HMC communicates with three sets of ASDA-M3 via DMCNET high-speed communication, achieving high-speed and high-precision motion control.
The X-axis works as the placement table for products (relays), moving back and forth. The Y-axis works as the arm of dispensing head, moving left and right. The Z-axis works with 10 dispensing heads, moving up and down synchronously.
Different from the general three-axis arm design on the same mechanism base, the Y-axis and Z-axis of this dispensing machine is built on the same mechanism base. However, the X-axis is built on another mechanism base. From the perspective of relative motion, the difference here is the motion direction of the X-axis which is opposite to it any general three-axis arms.
Continuous path planning and speed overlapping functions contribute to non-stop motion around the corner for a very smooth operation on the continuous path.

[What  Provides for Dispensing Applications]

. Easy wiring: Compared to the wiring complexity and maintenance difficulty of pulse-type drives, high-speed communication via DMCNET only requires
a cable connection, reducing wiring complexity and maintenance time.
. Reduced costs and space: Adopting the HMC and ASDA-M, users can save the cost of the PLC and a great deal of installation space.
. Improved production quality and efficiency: Adopting the three-in-one AC servo system, the linear interpolation is more complete with enhanced productivity.
The HMC provides precise motion control with high repeat accuracy for better quality finished products.

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