Industrial Automation Products for High-Speed CNC Drilling and Tapping Centers

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Our CNC Solution offers high speed, high precision, and superior surface finishing that helps high speed CNC drilling and tapping machines improve machining capabilities and increase reliability for greater productivity.

A CNC Drilling and Tapping Center is a type of simplified CNC Machining Center which features high speed, high precision, and high stability processing capabilities. Its appearance and functions are similar to a general CNC machining center, but it is more compact to increase space utilization. It performs milling, boring, drilling, and tapping, and is capable of fast tool changes and rapid axis movements, which provides high acceleration and deceleration, and increases machining efficiency.
CNC drilling and tapping centers are used to manufacture many types of components in industries such as machinery, electrical/electronics, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, and many more. With the prevalence of smart phones and tablets in recent years, the demand for grinding, polishing, drilling and tapping by equipment manufacturers has stimulated exponential growth of the market for CNC machine tools. A high-speed CNC drilling and tapping center provides milling and fine boring in addition to tapping, for improved machining capabilities, greater reliability, and higher productivity. As a result, the speed and accuracy requirements of high-speed CNC drilling and tapping centers have become increasingly important for the CNC industry.

【Solution Architecture】

High Speed Motion Control System DMCNET

. High anti-interference capability, able to accept high precision commands, system communication is easy
. Wiring is simplified, good stability, more flexible extension capability
. No high speed pulse command loss problem

Servo Drive – Fine Interpolation Commands

. High sampling interpolation function smooths the internal drive commands and controlsthe operation of servo motors with more precision and stability.
. Finely finished processing surface meets the most demanding customer requirements.

High Speed Permanent Magnet (PM) Spindle Motors

. Designed for CNC tapping machinery, provide excellent acceleration performance.
. The rated speed is 6000r/min, the speed for rigid tapping operations can reach a maximum of 12000r/min.
. Acceleration goes from 0r/min to 6000r/min in just 250ms which significantly shortens the processing time.

Servo Parameters Backup and Import

. Backup servo parameters for fast import after a servo drive change.
. Makes replacement and maintenance easier and more convenient.

Capacitor Box (C Box) for Spindle System
• Reduces power consumption by at least 50% for high speed tapping applications, which requires instant acceleration and deceleration.
• Replaces traditional brake resistors to reduce heat generation.

Our CNC Solution is a complete integrated system that provides flexibility and fulfills all of the significant requirements of the CNC machine tools industry. Incorporating key industrial automation products, which include CNC controllers, servo drives and motors, spindle motors, and a self-developed communication system, the CNC Solution is a complete package that provides flexibility and a competitive edge to the CNC machine tools
industry. The embedded system with multiple CPUs performs multitasking and improves the operating performance of
controllers. Combined with Delta’s high speed motion control system, DMCNET, the Delta CNC Solution delivers a
high speed, high precision system for exceptional overall performance.
The Delta CNC Solution features high speed, high precision and superior surfaces
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